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Service and safety schedule, functionality test



1   Check condition and security of body panels

2  Check operation of door locks, catches and hinges

3  Check condition and security of all trims, inserts and sealants

4  Check window's and seal's for damage

5  Check condition and security of grab rails

6  Check security of body attachments


7  Damp metre test (short) included,       For  a full damp test see price list

8  Check for floor delamination 

9  Check operation and condition of all window catches, stays and seals

10 Check operation and security of all sky light's

11 Check operation of all blind's and fly screen's

12 Check fixed ventilation opening's for free flow of air


13 Check operation and condition of water pump

14 check operation of pressure switch

15  Check condition of water filter and housing

16 Check operation of all tap's and shower fitting's

17 Check overall condition of fresh and waste water pipe's and fitting's

18 Check toilet for operation and condition of seal, blade, flush

19 Check drain plug's for seal and operation


20 Fridge not serviced unless requested ( see price's page)

21 Check regulator performance and carry out soundness test

22 Check condition and date of flexible hose

23 Check condition and security of all pipe work

24 check condition of LPG sticker on locker and security of gas bottles

25 Check gas dispersal holes for obstruction

26 Check fridge for ignition, FFD and cooling 

27 Check operation of cooker, hob and oven, ignition, flame and FFD

28 Check operation of space heater, ignition, flame FFD and CO test

29 Check operation of water heater, ignition flame FFD and heating

30 Check operation of external gas point if fitted


31 Check condition of inlet plug and hook up cable

32 Check operation of RCD, MCB and earth bonding

33 Check condition of wiring, sockets and fixed connection's

34 Check operation of battery charger

35 Check main's operation of fridge

36 Check main's operation of cooker and hob

37 Check main's operation of water heater

38 Check main's operation of space heater


39 Check condition of 12n,12s plug's and cables

40 Check condition and operation of road light's and reflector's

41 Check condition of wiring, sockets and fuse's

42 Check function of 12s system, ( charging, fridge, light's etc

43 Check operation of battery charger

44 Check condition of battery, clean terminal's

45 Check operation of all light's including awning light

46 Check blown air system


47 Check condition of security, smoke and carbon monoxide alarm's

48 Check condition, type and expiry date on fire extinguisher

49 check condition and location of fire blanket

50 Check operation, function and safety of all DIY addition's

51 Check micro wave oven for radiation level's


52 Check coupling head and safety catch for wear and lubricate if required

53 Check and clean pad's on ball acting stabiliser

54 Check condition and routing of breakaway cable and clip

55 Check operation of overrun piston and lubricate

56 Check operation of jocky wheel ,clean and lubricate

57 Check operation of hand break and lubricate

58 Check break rod's, cables and supports

59 Remove wheels and check tyre's for wear, damage, age and pressure

60 Remove break drum's check bearing's seal's and lining's, clean

61 Replace drum with new split pin or one shot nut's and torque as required

62 Adjust break's at drum and check free play in the linkage and hand break

63 Replace road wheel's and torque wheel nut's /bolts

64 Check condition and security of chassis and attachment to body

65 Check operation of suspension assemblies

66 Check corner steadies operation and lubricate

67 Check spare wheel carrier and folding step


The above is only a report of the condition of the vehicle at the time of your service   

Guarantee or warranty is not offered or implied in any way 



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